Therapeutic Massage for a healthier body

The benefits of massage are for everyone: members and non-members alike


Therapeutic Massage

Escape to serenity Unwind, Relax, Renew and Recharge ……A soothing retreat our spa’s tranquil ambience and holistic treatments will transport you into a healing world of calm. Designed to bring balance and equilibrium to each and every individual, our menu offers a range of treatments and therapies.

The Reviver – A deep tissue massage designed to release patterns of chronic muscle tension. If desired, deeper pressure and neuromuscular techniques can be applied to resolve trigger points. A great introduction to massage therapy and it’s balancing powers.

The Rejuvinator – A 90 Minute version of the Reviver. Additional time allows for a more thorough therapy and the ultimate in relaxation. Active, passive and resistance stretching may also be incorporated to increase the body’s range of motion.

The Athlete – A massage designed to enhance athletic performance, prevent injury & decrease recovery time.Techniques include trigger point massage, friction, facilitated stretching & range of motion exercised. This is excellent before or after intense athletic performance.

The Peacemaker – This integrative massage is designed to soothe stress and encourage balance between the mind and body. Through a combination of Swedish massage and energy work, we will promote the parasympathetic state of the body and allow tension to be released on all levels.

A Mother’s Embrace – This session is catered to all new mothers. Those who currently revel in the journey of pregnancy will receive a massage that allows both baby and mom to find relief. Working to ease low back pain, leg stress and much more. New mothers enjoying the days beyond bringing baby home will receive a massage focused on helping the body heal post birth.

Massage is an important part of preventative healthcare and not solely a luxury. It is a necessity for achieving personal balance and optimal health.

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Pricing for Treatments

60 minutes – $85 | 90 minutes – $115

Package Pricing

3 at 60 minutes – $234 | 5 at 60 minutes – $375 3 at 90 minutes – $324 | 5 at 90 minutes – $525